3D-printed fixtures for Neuropixels

Our new Nature Protocols paper is out! Together with the Haesler lab and ATLAS Neuroengineering, we describe how to implant Neuropixels probes for chronic recording of neuronal activity in freely behaving animals. Two months after introducing Neuropixels 2.0 in Science, we have now published a detailed step-by-step protocol on how to implant the probes for chronic recordings usingContinue reading “3D-printed fixtures for Neuropixels”

What makes memories stronger?

Our new paper on hippocampal replay is out. Congrats to Frédéric Michon and the rest of the team! A team of scientists led by Fabian Kloosterman found that highly demanding and rewarding experiences result in stronger memories. By studying navigation in rats, the researchers traced back the mechanism behind this selective memory enhancement to so-called replay processes inContinue reading “What makes memories stronger?”